backdoor for malware?

    This post was originally published here by  Nat Kausik.

    Recently, a global airline deployed Bitglass.  The firm had strong solutions in place for malware and threat protection.  Top-shelf “Next-Gen” firewalls.  Yet, what they found surprised them.

    Cloud applications can be accessed from any device anywhere- managed devices with anti-malware software and unmanaged devices running naked and susceptible to infections. No matter how strong your controls on managed devices, malware can make its way into your cloud from unmanaged devices.  That was the case with this customer, where one user had a folder’s worth of malware for some unknown reason.  And the folder was shared internally with the employee’s colleagues.    

    There were two infected files in the employee’s folders. One was known malware that triggered signature-based detection, whilst the other was caught by our Advanced Threat Protection capability powered by our partner Cylance. Left unchecked, these malware files would have been downloaded onto other unprotected devices, proceeding to harvest employee data and passwords, or worse! 

    Protecting data in the cloud requires a complete CASB solution.  In the words of the leading analyst firm covering the category, Bitglass is the “Cadillac of CASB.”



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