Cybersecurity news trending on Google

Hong Kong protests have reached a new level with the LIHKG, the online headquarters for protesters alleging Chinese Baidu and its associated internet companies for launching cyber attacks on their website., where a lot of tips and comments exchange regarding Hong Kong protests take place, has claimed that their website came under a distributed […]

Google bans apps developed by Chinese company Baidu

Google has made it official that it will be blocking over 100 apps developed by Chinese company ‘Do Global’ which is partly owned by internet service provider Baidu. The Alphabet subsidiary came to this decision after its security engineers reported that the applications developed by ‘Do Global’ and having over 600 million installs on their […]

Google might cancel the build of ‘Censored’ search engine for China named Project Dragonfly

Google is said to cancel the build of a separate and censored Chinese search engine named ‘Project Dragonfly’ due to strong protests from its own employees. It’s said that more than 273 managers and engineers have penned a letter to Alphabet Inc the parent company of Google to stop the build of a separate search […]

Google to build Dragonfly search engine exclusively for China

Internet Juggernaut Google is all set to release an exclusive search engine for that surfing web from China and sources add that the browser may be exclusive to Android operating system users. Codenamed as “Dragonfly” the search engine is said to be in lines with the censorship guidelines drafted by the People’s Republic of China […]

RedDrop malware infects Android devices and fires off premium rate texts

Researchers from mobile security firm Wandera has discovered that a new strain of malware called RedDrop is seen infecting the Android devices and is caught harvesting and uploading files, photos, contacts, application data and WiFi info from the infected kits to Dropbox and Google Drive accounts of the hackers. Also, researchers claim that they have found […]

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