Over $600m cryptocurrency stolen in Cyber Attack

Hackers have stolen more than $600m cryptocurrency through a vulnerability in the systems of Blockchain site Poly Network. And as per a tweet released by the company, the hackers are ready to negotiate and release the stolen currency, if they are offered something lucrative. Poly Network offers an interoperability protocol that helps connect different blockchain […]

Facebook acquires AI startup GrokStyle

Facebook has made it official that it has acquired AI startup GrokStyle for an undisclosed amount. The company’s spokesperson Vanessa Chan confirmed that news and said that the new acquisition will help strengthen the stand of Facebook in the exploration of AI capabilities. Announcing the same to the world, GrokStyle has started to issue a […]

Israel based company offers a Blockchain powered smartphone with utmost Mobile Security

Sirin Labs, an Israel based company has launched the world’s first block chain powered smartphone named ‘Finney’ which happens to offer utmost mobile security. The Tel-Aviv based cybersecurity company says that the product is being offered with an embedded cold storage wallet to protect private blockchain keys, a multi-layered cybersecurity suite and innovative crypto- payment […]

Will Blockchain Technology put an end to monetization of Google’s User Data

George Glider, an economist and a technology critic feels that Google could soon lose the game of making money from its user data, if in the case; the technology of Blockchain takes the world. The technologist revealed these insights in his latest book titled ‘Life after Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise […]

RansSIRIA Ransomware bluffs to donate Litecoins ransom to Syrian Refugees

Malware Hunter Team has discovered a new ransomware called RansSIRIA which infects and encrypts computer files and states that it will donate ransom payments to Syrian refugees. Security experts say that the said ransomware is similar to that of WannaCry Ransomware and is seen mainly targeting Brazilian victims. Technically speaking, the said ransomware when executed […]

Pareteum awarded a patent for its Cloud Security solution!

Pareteum, a Cloud Communication platform provider based in New York, United States has been awarded a patent for its cloud security solution. The patent was issued to the company’s European subsidiary last week for offering a solution that uses a secret key authentication technology to enable a highly secure and robust validation between mobile devices […]

Ransomware spreaders are seen dumping Bitcoins for rival Crypto Currencies!

Ransomware spreaders or those demanding ransom in return for a decryption key to free up a ransomware attacked encrypted database are saying ‘No’ to Bitcoins these days. It said that cybercriminals are now demanding more private digital currency like Monero, Ethereum, and Zcash in order to avoid being tracked by law enforcement. From the past […]

Oracle beefs up its Cloud Security amid data breach concerns

As large enterprises such as Amazon Cloud are witnessing data breaches on a regular note, Oracle has decided to beef up its cloud security features on par with its customer expectations. Truly speaking, Oracle’s database security has been a strong selling point for years. Although many criticized the firm for making a purchase of Sun […]

Oracle decides to use Blockchain technology to boost its Cloud Security

Oracle’s CTO Larry Ellison offered a keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2017 conference and revealed that his company is going to use Blockchain technology to deliver enhanced cloud security to its users. Speaking at the conference organized in San Francisco, Larry unveiled the company’s new Blockchain Cloud Service that allows customers to build their own blockchain […]

Ransomware cyber attacks can prove fatal to Bitcoin users

Almost the whole world witnessed a digital crisis on May 12th, 2017 when hackers launched Wannacry Ransomware cyber attack on more than 200,000 computers operating across 174 countries. Media reports indicated that most of the victims of this ransomware were the ones who were using the dead and extinct Windows XP and those using unpatched […]

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