Most businesses are failing to protect user data

Over 46% of those whose email addresses get hacked are sure that they would experience cyber fraud at some point of time in the future. As consumer group Which? has discovered that most companies are still not taking information security on a serious note. Although most companies are holding humongous amounts of critical info like […]

Cybersecurity News trending on Google

1) According to a survey, Small and Medium Scale Businesses (SMBs) in the UK are being subjected to over 10,000 cyberattacks per day which could cost them £4.5 billion on an annual note. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) survey which included SMBs from Scotland says that over 1 million businesses operating across the UK […]

US businesses incurred $654 Billion loss from Cyber Attacks in 2018

A recent survey made by ForgeRock says that businesses operating in the US incurred a loss of $654 billion due to cyber attacks in 2018. But the loss estimate doesn’t include the after effects caused by cyber attacks such as data loss, reputation loss, and reduced customer loyalty. Healthcare industry happens to be the worst […]

Most of the Irish Business are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

A survey conducted by Magnet Networks discovered that most of the cyber attacks on Irish Businesses go undetected due to lack of awareness among the operating companies on Cyber Breaches. Only 20% of respondents who participated in the survey said that they have suffered from cyber attacks in the past 2 years. On a further […]

EMEA pays high to ransomware spreading hackers

A survey conducted by Barracuda on over 630 organizations, says that corporate organizations from the EMEA region are paying hackers the demanded ransom in order to free up their databases from encrypting malware. This approach is being highly discouraged by law enforcers and security experts as it doesn’t guaranty data access to the victims and […]

Firms in UK and US fail to financially plan for Cyber Attacks

Is your organization financially ready for cyber attacks? If it isn’t so, then it is better to be late than never. A survey conducted by Lloyds Bank has revealed that only a third of UK firms have a financial plan in place to mitigate the risks associated with cyber attacks. Rest of them are either […]


This post was originally published here by  (ISC)² Management. By Yves Le Roux, (ISC)² EMEA Advisory Council Co-Chair & Privacy Workgroup Lead Yves will be hosting the half-day workshop  GDPR: Charting Experience on the March to May 2018 at (ISC)² Secure Summit MENA, in Dubai on the 21st and 22ndNovember 2017. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) […]

North Korea cyber attacks 170000 Irish firms with Ransomware

Almost 170000 Irish firms are reportedly coming under cyber attack by North Korea on daily basis. And there is news that more such attacks( mostly ransomware related) with increased severity will be launched on Irish Businesses in next couple of years. Irish Independent reported the above said news as a fact and added that Irish […]

How can businesses lower the risks of Cyber Attacks?

Cyber Attack is now a dreaded word for all IT environments around the world irrespective of their nature of being public or private. And everyone(CIOs to CTOs) are now interested in knowing the secret for cyber resilience and so are getting busy in seeking measures which offer greater protection against cyber attacks. Therefore, Cybersecurity Insiders […]

One in every 5 UK businesses hit by Cyber Attacks

A research conducted by British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) suggests that one in every 5 British businesses is being targeted by Cyber criminals. The said trend is said to be continuing from the past couple of years on a consistent note and is said to head further into future. The BBC study also suggests that […]

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