How can businesses lower the risks of Cyber Attacks?


Cyber Attack is now a dreaded word for all IT environments around the world irrespective of their nature of being public or private. And everyone(CIOs to CTOs) are now interested in knowing the secret for cyber resilience and so are getting busy in seeking measures which offer greater protection against cyber attacks.

Therefore, Cybersecurity Insiders has lined up some points below which can help businesses in isolating themselves from the risks of cyber attacks

There’s no single solution which fits all- Currently, there is a wrong notion prevailing among businesses that there is a single solution for all IT risks including cyber attacks. But unfortunately, no such solution exists in reality and the only way to deal with the situation is to broaden our approach to cyber risks.

Make the risk of cyber attack an issue related to Board- Its high time that the board of directors stop seeing cyber as just a probable risk and start taking a bigger responsibility of addressing that risk by implementing a board sponsored program.

Better to treat cyber resilience as a multi-disciplinary challenge- In most of the companies, cyber resilience is seen as a sole concern related to IT manager. But in reality, everyone who has to deal with the aftermath of a cyber attack should be included in a multi-disciplinary program which offers policies, plans, and training in dealing with the issues related to cyber attacks.

Well balance the investment of time, energy and cost- Businesses should start focusing on their investment of time, energy and cost spent on cyber attacks by balancing with the preparation for how to respond to, and mitigate and the effects of an incident. Means, the spending must spread between technology, human assets, intelligence and effective employee awareness training with an emphasis on changing behaviors as opposed to the completion of general gazetted exercise.

Evaluate your assets prone to cyber attacks beforehand- Before focusing on a balanced defense strategy, it is important to determine what needs to be defended. Remember, protecting the worthless is indeed worthless.

Conduct regular tests- As soon as you have a proactive approach to dealing with cyber attacks in place, do not rest in peace. It’s better if you practice simulated attacks to identify vulnerabilities in your well-prepared cyber resilience plans. This not only helps in safeguarding your company from potential risks in cyberspace but will also help your IT team shift their focus on other issues such as lowering TCO which is very vital for a company’s growth in economics point of view.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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