Mastering the Cybersecurity Tightrope: Risks and Threats in Modern Organizations

Organizations of all sizes grapple with the daunting reality of potential vulnerabilities, malicious actors, and unforeseen challenges that threaten the integrity of their company. The stakes have never been higher; from small startups to multinational corporations, every entity must navigate an intricate web of security challenges daily. While the terms—’risk’ and ‘threat’—are often intertwined in […]

The Future of Defense in an Era of Unprecedented Cyber Threats

[By Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-Founder, Keeper Security] Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated as malicious actors leverage emerging technology to conduct, accelerate and scale their attacks. With AI-powered attacks at the helm, today’s IT and security leaders must contend with a barrage of unprecedented cyber threats and new risks.    To map the cybersecurity […]

Cider Security Publishes New Research Identifying the Top 10 CI/CD Security Risks

The research was compiled by Cider Security along with experts from Netflix, Atlassian, Mozilla, Lemonade Insurance, Rapid7, Databricks, and the former CISOs of Twitter and LivePerson [Tel Aviv, Israel – March 16, 2022] – Researchers from Cider Security, the world’s first AppSec Operating System, today published a new research report, “Top 10 CI/CD Security Risks”, […]

Tips to prevent Cyber Attack risks

Education and awareness is key- Often we found that hackers induced viruses by exploiting vulnerabilities that are caused by human errors and negligence. Therefore, it is better if the company heads like CIOs and CTOs educate themselves about the latest risks and threats existing in the current cyber landscape and create awareness about the same […]

Cyber Threats can target 1 in 5 home PCs operating across the world

According to the intelligence gathered from Avast Threat Detection Database, one in five home PCs operating across the world are vulnerable to cyber threats. The Global Risk Report 2019 which uncovers the digital threats luring on home and business PCs has stressed on the fact that home users of Win 7,8 and 10 Personal computers […]

Plug in devices make laptops and desktops vulnerable to cyber attacks

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK and Rice University in the US has confirmed that most desktops and laptops fall prey to hackers due to plug-in devices used commonly like chargers and docking stations. The security researchers have found that the vulnerabilities were detected mostly in computers running […]

Cyber Attacks cause financial amercement and reputational damage to SMBs

Switzerland based insurance company Chubb says that cyber attacks can cause financial amercement and ruin the reputation of small and medium scale business on a permanent note. The recent report published by the cyber insurance provider says that on an average business face a loss of $400,000 which might push an SMB into doldrums forever. […]

Greatest cyber threats which trended on the Valentine’s Day

We all know that retailers, flower shops, online dating sites, and restaurants make the most of Valentine’s Day. But can you imagine that the day meant for reminiscing of love is also proving a boon to hackers these days? According to Comodo Cybersecurity, the 3 greatest cyber threats which trended this year on the Valentine’s […]

Cyber threat looming on Connected Cars

A survey conducted on behalf of US-based Society of Automotive Engineers International(SAE) has discovered that malicious cyber attacks will take place on IT systems of cars by next year. And 62% of security professionals belonging to the car industry anticipate that the looming cyber threat could hit targets in the UK in the next few […]

Booz Allen releases report on 2019 Cyber Threats

Booz Allen, the American IT consulting firm has released a report outlining the 8 critical cyber threats which are predicted to prevail in this year. And market experts from the Virginia based consulting firm say that the insights are being offered after their experts studied the cyber landscape for the past three consecutive years. The […]

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