Tips to keep your Online banking safe


    As more and more banks are encouraging customers to go digital, the risks associated with the use of online services is also surging up at an alarming rate. Therefore, here are some tips to protect your bank accounts from online thefts.

    Beware of Phishing Emails- Never click on links in your emails or in the attachments as they can be infected with a malware which then sneaks into your computer and tracks down your online whereabouts including banking info to pass the info to remote hackers. If you suspect that the email is suspicious to delete it after confirming the same from the recipient.

    Enable 2-factor Authentication- a 2-factor authentication is nothing but a one time password sent to your email or mobile phone to complete a bank transaction. This is in addition to the username and password you have to access your online bank account. However, 2FA is not a foolproof solution these days as hackers can easily hijack your phone or generate a sim clone through malevolent modus operandi.

    Keep your PC or phone software updated- Many cyberattacks rely on the exploitation of security flaws and so do keep your devices updated with the latest software updates. This, in turn, will help minimize the risks of becoming a cyber attack victim.

    Never use your bank credentials on Public Wi-Fi- If in case, you happen to visit a Bus station or Airport, never use a public Wi-Fi to avail your bank services. As it can expose your activity to hackers who in-turn can use various tricks to drain your bank accounts of money.

    Enable Bank Account alerts- Whenever, a bank activity like transaction takes place in your bank account, it’s better the bank alerts you’re of the info. For that, you may need to opt for special alerts offered by the banks for a nominal annual fee.

    Always opt for a great password- Use a password which is a mixture of alpha-numeric and special characters.

    Keep your banking device updated with an anti-malware solution. Using premium software, in this case, will prove beneficial.

    Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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