Effective 7 Responses that should be given by CEOs and CTOs during a Cyber Attack

In the face of a cyber attack targeting a company’s IT infrastructure, the world expects swift and effective responses from its CEOs and CTOs to mitigate risks and minimize losses. However, many find themselves in a state of panic during such incidents due to a lack of preparedness. Here, we provide a comprehensive list of […]

Facebook rejects a new data security policy of Germany

Germany on Thursday announced that it will impose new restrictions on ways Facebook collects data from users prevailing in the region. But within few hours of this announcement, the world leading social media giant said that it is going to reject the data protection policy of Germany and will appeal to the court by the […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook wants tough data privacy laws in the US like Europe

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared his insights at the International Conference on Data Privacy recently and advocated for tough data privacy laws in the US like in Europe. Cook appreciated the European Union(EU) for bringing in a strict regime of data privacy laws from May this year and opinioned that the Trump administration should start […]

Did Intel CEO sell his $24 million Company Stock due to massive security flaw?

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is said to have sold his $24 million or 18 million pounds worth of company stock after learning about the massive security flaw in his company’s silicon chips. However, a spokesperson from the company says that the sale was planned in advance and had nothing to do with the flaws leaked […]

Cyber Attack on NiceHash Crypto Mining website results in CEO Resignation!

Cyber Attack on Crypto Mining website NiceHash has resulted in the resignation of Marko Kobal, the co-founder, and CEO of the said Slovenian startup. So, the New Year 2018 witnessed Kobal replacement with Zdravko Poljasevic as ‘NiceHash’ CEO. Going further into the details, NiceHash witnessed a cyber attack on its database on December 6th,2017. The […]

Equifax CEO retires due to Cyber Attack!

Till date, we have heard companies losing ground in a business arena due to a cyber attack. But today a new development has been witnessed in the tech world all due to a data breach. Equifax CEO Richard Smith has decided to retire and forgo his annual bonus following a massive Cyber attack which leaked […]

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