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Cisco Talos extends cybersecurity support to Ukraine

Cisco Talos has announced that it is going to offer cybersecurity support to Ukraine government and critical infrastructure providers. It also made it official that it will render support to companies that are suffering from cyber attacks such as Ransomware launched by Russia. Cisco’s support includes a release of an executive guidance document that offers […]

Cisco Talos discovers techniques to uncover ransomware groups

Cybersecurity firm Cisco Talos has discovered three techniques to track down ransomware groups. In fact, it has traced the activities of 4 notorious hacking groups that are in the business of distributing ransomware and gave their whereabouts to the law enforcement agencies. Practically, it is hard to track down cyber criminals on the dark web […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Irish Health Service Executive shortly denoted as HSE is trending on Google news headlines for using an outdated version of over 30,000 computers in server farms and that includes most of them running on the old and obsolete Windows 7 operating that is no longer supported by Microsoft by any chance. In May this year, […]

Malware turning Microsoft PCs into Zombie Proxies n new details on Baltimore ransomware attack

Researchers from Cisco Talos in commission with Microsoft have discovered a new kind of malware strain which is being dubbed as Zombie Proxies. News is out that the malware has already infected thousands of PCs across the US and Europe and is being technically called as Nodersok and Divergent by Microsoft respectively. According to the […]

Oracle Weblogic Servers are vulnerable to ransomware attacks

Cisco Talos security researchers have made a recent discovery that a zero-day vulnerability in Oracle Weblogic Servers is making them susceptible to ransomware attacks. Hackers are reported to be using the vulnerability to install a new strain of ransomware called Sodinokibi along with some versions of GandCrab ransomware. What’s astonishing in the recent discovery is […]

Chinese Crypto Mining Malware found uninstalling Cloud Security tools

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers have found a new variant of malware which has the ability to uninstall cloud security tools to take full control of Linux servers to mine bitcoins. Rocke, a Chinese hacking group being funded by APT10 is said to have devised the new malware variant which has already publicly targeted […]

Russian hackers infect 500,000 routers to launch a massive cyber attack on Ukraine

Cisco Systems Inc on Wednesday issued a warning that says hackers from Russia have infected over 500,000 routers including storage devices in order to launch a massive cyber attack on Ukraine. The Networking giant stressed on the fact that the attack will be of Denial of service attack genre and will be mainly targeting Ukraine’s […]

Iran Datacenters running on Cisco Switches become Cyber Attack victims

Data Centers running in Iran were hacked by a cyber group on Friday last week. The cyber crooks claimed themselves to be from the United States as they displayed a message along with the US Flag on some hacked server screens saying “Do not mess with our elections”. But researchers from Cisco Talos confirm that […]

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