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Security by Design and Default – How to Address the Cybersecurity Challenge

By Baan Alsinawi, Managing Director, Strategy and Risk, CISO Global, and Founder of TalaTek, a CISO Global company All anyone wants to talk about these days is AI, and when seven leading U.S. producers of AI technology recently stepped forward with their commitment to voluntarily include cybersecurity in their platforms, cybersecurity practitioners everywhere were cautiously […]

Ransomware, extortionware, and theft: Are your security strategies really working?

By Jerald Dawkins, Ph.D., CTO, CISO Global Reflecting on attacks in 2022, SonicWall’s Global Cyber Threat Report reaffirmed what many other reports have stated – that ransomware was on the downward trend in 2022. A handful of high-profile arrests of cyber cartel members from notorious groups like Darkside, REvil, and CIOp, seemed to temporarily raise […]

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