Data Breach leads to Comcast Customer Data Leak

A few days ago, Comcast hit the news headlines for increasing its service price so much that many of its customers weren’t ready for the surprise at all. Now, reports are in that the database of the Pennsylvania based digital services provider was hit by a cyber attack leading to a data breach, thus leaking […]

Comcast to use AI to detect cyber threats on home routers

Comcast which offers telecommunication services and multichannel video services has announced that it is going to use the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect malware intrusions and hacking activities on home routers and IoT devices. Xfinity xFi Advanced Security is the service that will use machine learning tools to automatically identify and block suspicious […]

US Merger and Acquisition market reaches $60 billion mark in September

United States Merger and Acquisition market have witnessed a flurry of activity in September this year with the deals reaching the mark of $60 billion. Experts suggest that out of all only 4 major deals have captured the interest of the industry to date. And Comcast winning the bid of UK Company Sky stands tall […]

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