Comcast to use AI to detect cyber threats on home routers


Comcast which offers telecommunication services and multichannel video services has announced that it is going to use the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect malware intrusions and hacking activities on home routers and IoT devices.

Xfinity xFi Advanced Security is the service that will use machine learning tools to automatically identify and block suspicious activities. Furthermore, the intelligence filled smart cybersecurity service will also help customers in resolving the cyber threats which hit home WiFi networks.

Currently, the company is offering the service at a premium of $5.99 per month and the service can be integrated with Comcast’s xFi home network management platform and can be used on MSOs whole home WiFi platform spreading across DOCSIS 3.0 & 3.1 gateways and xFi Pods that are being offered to customers in partnership with Plume Designs Inc.

Comcast introduced the service at the CES 2019 held in Las Vegas and displayed a video presentation on how its product is going to monitor and help block security threats which are luring to invade home WiFi networks. As soon as the cyber threat is identified by the app, it notifies the customer on the steps to be taken to mitigate the cyber risks.

The Pennsylvania based broadband service provider is planning to introduce this enterprise security offering across a range of its IoT devices which includes video streaming boxes, gaming consoles, , and tablets as well as connected cameras and smart locks.

A spokesperson at the CES 2019 said that the system is capable of identifying denial of service attacks along with regular intrusion of hackers via open ports. He added that the AI intelligence is driven by data shared from more than 15 million gateways and includes monitoring of WiFi traffic patterns by specific devices on the home network.

For instance, if an IP camera communicates with an IP address in Florida, but sends data to servers outside the country then that camera’s activity will be put on alert and a possible port shutdown will be initiated.

Comcast will be launching xFi Advanced Security services from this week to its 15m + homes which have an xFi Gateway.

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