How 5G Technology offers a secure network

5G technology presents several features and advancements that contribute to creating a more secure and resilient network infrastructure. Here are key aspects highlighting how 5G offers a secure network: 1. Encryption and Authentication: Enhanced Encryption Standards: 5G networks employ advanced encryption standards, making it more challenging for unauthorized parties to intercept or manipulate data during […]

Artificial Intelligence now allows to speak to dead ones

Did you ever imagine that you can speak to your deceased near and dear one day? If nott, here’s a way to do so- all thanks to the technology of Artificial Intelligence(AI). According to a development made by California based company HereAfterAI, people can now chat, talk or video chat with the dead loves ones […]

Comcast to use AI to detect cyber threats on home routers

Comcast which offers telecommunication services and multichannel video services has announced that it is going to use the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect malware intrusions and hacking activities on home routers and IoT devices. Xfinity xFi Advanced Security is the service that will use machine learning tools to automatically identify and block suspicious […]


This post was originally published here by  (ISC)² Management. Some have called the skills gap in IT and cybersecurity a national security crisis. Yet, it’s one that most everyone in the industry doesn’t know how to solve. Many look to automation and other technologies as a solution to the problem. Others foster relationships that will […]

Lack of IT staff making companies vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

Are you concerned about the ongoing threats in cyberspace…? And are you interested in isolating your company’s digital assets from cyber attacks? Then you better hire a cybersecurity professional/s who will help you in doing so. According to a survey conducted by a cybersecurity consultancy, “2-Sec” lack of IT staff is leaving companies exposed to […]

Oracle beefs up its Cloud Security amid data breach concerns

As large enterprises such as Amazon Cloud are witnessing data breaches on a regular note, Oracle has decided to beef up its cloud security features on par with its customer expectations. Truly speaking, Oracle’s database security has been a strong selling point for years. Although many criticized the firm for making a purchase of Sun […]

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