Bots compromise Jersey Computers to use them for Cyber Attacks

Hackers were seen using Jersey computers to cyber attack servers operating in the United States, Germany and Hungary. The compromised machines were acting as devices to launch cyber attacks and the suspicion finger is currently rising towards Russia. The Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) of the UK based island has confirmed the news and stated […]

Ransomware attack on New York Capital City Albany

Albany, which happens to be the capital city of New York is reported to have been hit by a ransomware attack on Saturday last week. And government authorities report that all city services except those marked to issue birth, death and marriage certificates will resume their operations as usual from Monday afternoon. Albany Mayor Kathy […]

Asus Computers are vulnerable to software supply chain Cyber Attacks

A security alert issued by Russian Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab says that all those using Asus computers around the world are vulnerable to software supply chain cyber attack. The research firm said on Monday that an Asus software update which took place between June and November’18 could have potentially opened up an exploiting backdoor for […]

Espionage on all computers by Indian Government

Indian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi has decided to snoop on all the computers operating in the subcontinent from early next year. The decision was taken by the central government on late Thursday ( Dec 20, 2018) and was made public to the populace from Friday. A spokesperson from the […]

Google Project Zero discovers CPU flaws in Intel, AMD and ARM Processors

Google Project Zero where a team of security analysts employed by Google is tasked to find Zero-Day vulnerabilities have discovered CPU flaws in Intel, AMD and ARM Processors. They say that the vulnerability could hit everything from smartphones, PCs to Cloud Computing and isn’t that easy to fix it. The security analysts who discovered the […]

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