Google Project Zero discovers CPU flaws in Intel, AMD and ARM Processors

Google Project Zero where a team of security analysts employed by Google is tasked to find Zero-Day vulnerabilities have discovered CPU flaws in Intel, AMD and ARM Processors. They say that the vulnerability could hit everything from smartphones, PCs to Cloud Computing and isn’t that easy to fix it.

The security analysts who discovered the flaw in the silicon chips manufactured by two largest American semiconductor companies say that the flaw could allow hackers siphon sensitive data including banking information, passwords and such.

Meanwhile, Intel and AMD have issued a press statement saying that the issue was not a design flaw and could be fixed if users download a security patch and update their operating systems.

Researchers from Google Project Zero say that the flaw in the processors was notified to the respected companies in June and July of 2017. They, in fact, say that the Spectre flaw was discovered and reported to AMD and Intel in June of last year and the Meltdown flaw was informed to the officials the consecutive months.

But for some reason, both the companies chose to ignore it and reacted only when it was reported in the media on January 3rd, 2018.

Intel says that it is planning to release details of the flaws on January 9th,2017 and AMD says that it believes there is no risk to AMD loaded products at this time and so might come up with the fix at sometime later this year.

British based semiconductor and software design company ARM is yet to officially disclose its intentions on this issue.

Naveen Goud
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