Google hits its own headlines because of privacy issues

Google, the internet juggernaut, is hitting its own news headlines for reasons related to privacy and its newly developed digital advertising system. The California based web search giant is facing a legal trouble with a privacy movement started by Open Web that claims that the tech giant’s new ad policy will restrict open web competition […]

UK data watchdog wants to tackle cookie pop ups to protect personal data

Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office(ICO) is asking tech companies to tackle issues related to data privacy for cookie pop-ups. ICO is also intending to put forward a request to G7 Summit authorities and will urge them to present a plan to improve the current cookie consent functionality that is in place. In a virtual meeting to […]

Google Chrome tweaks data privacy with FLoC technology

Google Chrome seems to have taken data privacy seriously as it is ditching its usual cookies technology to be replace it by FloC technology. The technology has already been rolled to some chrome users (say 0.5%) from the first week of April this year and news is out that the services were offered to every […]

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