Corona Virus

Online frauds increased by 70% because of Corona Virus

Online Frauds such as shopping, dating and finance related have increased by 70% in 2020 says a research carried out by Action fraud. The intelligence unit of UK that analysis frauds related to cyber-crime claims that there has been a 50% growth in frauds when compared to 2019. The rise in cyber attacks is because […]

Cyber Attacks increase in Britain because of Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown

Britain has gone into the lock-down mode for the second time this year, and security analysts fear that this could prove fatal to online users. The National Cyber Security Center(NCSC), a cyber arm of GCHQ, says that the first round of lock down witnessed 723 online attacks on those managing critical infrastructure. And out of […]

Corona Virus Pandemic leads to more Cyber Threats

Corona Virus Pandemic spread has made the corporate world cut down its security teams and freeze hiring because of which those institutions are on the verge of facing more cyber threats and financial perils says a new survey. As a per study conducted by Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) company Exabeam, atleast 3 in every […]

Microsoft to train 25 million people for COVID 19 Pandemic after jobs

To all those who have lost their jobs due to the Corona Virus initiated lockdown imposed by governments across the world, here’s a news piece to rejoice.    American technology giant Microsoft led by Satya Nadella is all set to train nearly 25 million job losers with new skills by the end of 2020- all […]

UK Populace lose £ 5.3 million to Corona Virus related Cyber Crime

Scammers seem to be using COVID 19 situation to loot populace of Britain as the GCHQ Cyber Crime center ‘NCSC’ claims that over 2,386 people have fallen victim to Cybercriminals in the past two months and the number is said to surge up more in coming days. According to UK Report Service ‘Action Fraud’ hackers […]

NHS Corona Virus Tracking app, not safe say, users

NHS which released a COVID 19 tracking app in early May this year for testing purposes is back in news for all wrong reasons. More than 50% of users using the NSHX COVID 19 Tracking app say that they do not trust the fact that the government of the UK will keep the data safe […]

New Jersey Residents should be wary of Coronavirus cyber attacks

Homeland Security of New Jersey has warned its residents against a cyber campaign which in the disguise of spreading awareness among the populace about COVID 19 is seen targeting minorities, individuals, and public entities with scams, cyber-attacks, and digital invasions. The law enforcement agency says that white supremacists were trying to induce a social breakdown […]

COVID 19 Vaccine development will lead to more Cyber Attacks and Data Theft

As the world is struggling to find a sure-shot vaccine to end the Corona Virus pandemic, British Defense Committee Chairperson Tobias Ellwood felt that it will lead to more cyber attacks on Pharma companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Imperial College and Oxford University’s Jenner Institute as they are in a race to find […]

NHS rejects Google and Apple Coronavirus tracking app due to data security fears

Last week, Apple and Google came forward to offer a Corona Virus tracking app to NHS which will be in lines with India’s Aarogya Setu Mobile app. However, UK’s government-funded healthcare service provider had rejected the plea due to data security concerns as the tech giants said that the App developed by them on a […]

New AI tool to help detect critical COVID 19 patients

All these days we have seen testing kits detecting Coronavirus infections among humans. But now scientists have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to help detect future severity cases among newly infected Corona Virus patients who could develop the severe respiratory disease in near future like Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome(ARDS), a mucous fluid which surrounds […]

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