New AI tool to help detect critical COVID 19 patients


All these days we have seen testing kits detecting Coronavirus infections among humans. But now scientists have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to help detect future severity cases among newly infected Corona Virus patients who could develop the severe respiratory disease in near future like Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome(ARDS), a mucous fluid which surrounds lungs leading to breathing problems and in some cases to death.

A study related to this development was published in the Journal Computers, Materials & Continua and is now available for public view.

“Our work looks promising as it helps not only detect the virus in patients but can also predict those who are set to develop severe cases in future”, said Megan Coffee, a Clinical Professor at the New York University from the United States.

Megan hopes that the research will help physicians around the world to assess patients who are moderately down with Wuhan Virus and are can help the ones who need extreme attention- especially needed for organizations like NHS which are struggling to treat the virus-infected crowds in Britain and might help nations which are highly populated like India and China.

BTW the AI tool takes a decision based on the data fed to it like studies, demographics, lab findings and radiological reports like chest X-ray related data.

So, mild symptoms like loss of smell & taste detection, stomach upset, cough, fever and severe symptoms like respiratory issues have all been recorded.

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