Covid 19

Covid Omicron variant leads to Phishing Cyber Attacks

All you populace out in UK, please be aware that some online fraudsters are launching phishing email attacks in the name of NHS distributing free PCR testing kits to detect the latest Omicron Corona Virus variant. Which? a data advocacy group discovered the attack and alerted all online users that they should not believe the […]

Mobile Security worse during COVID-19 lockdown says Verizon

Mobile Security became worse during the lock-down initiated by COVID-19 across the world says Verizon. The conclusion was made after analyzing the fact that businesses compromised on its security tools to support remote working practices to keep the business continuity intact. But this trend backfired against few companies as many of their infrastructure was compromised […]

Online frauds increased by 70% because of Corona Virus

Online Frauds such as shopping, dating and finance related have increased by 70% in 2020 says a research carried out by Action fraud. The intelligence unit of UK that analysis frauds related to cyber-crime claims that there has been a 50% growth in frauds when compared to 2019. The rise in cyber attacks is because […]

COVID-19 supply chain hit by Cyber Attack

When the entire world is waiting for a vaccine to end the COVID-19 pandemic, some state sponsored cyber crooks are seen targeting the vaccine’s supply chain either to disrupt the medicine trials or distribution. Or to gather some vital intellectual property. One such incident has been discovered in a research carried out by IBM’s Threat […]

Bioterrorists to trick COVID-19 Vaccine Developers with Malware

Security researchers at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev has discovered that Bio-terrorists can trick COVID-19 Vaccine Developers with malware and can alter the vaccines with toxic chemicals and deadly viruses in labs. This is possible by altering the sub-string DNA in the code with a new sequence and then leaving no trace of […]

AI to help identify COVID 19 victims through cough

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithm developed by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is said to help detect COVID 19 victims through cough. And results state that the algorithm is efficient enough to differentiate asymptomatic people with those who haven’t caught up the infection.   MIT states that the algorithm was developed after […]

Cyber Attacks on COVID 19 Vaccine producers in Japan

CrowdStrike, a US-based Cyber Security firm has disclosed that all the COVID 19 vaccine producers in Japan are at risk of being cyber attacked. The researchers of the firm have also confirmed that the attacks could be launched by some state-funded groups from China and Russia.    “As Pharma companies are competing against each other […]

COVID-19 Cyber Attacks surge in Canada

While the entire world is busy in containing the spread of Corona Virus Pandemic, over 70% of Canadian IT workers say that their businesses have suffered at least one COVID-19 themed cyber attack in the past six months. Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has disclosed in its ‘2020 Cybersecurity Report’ the experiences of over 500 […]

COVID 19 exposes vulnerabilities in businesses operating in UK

Corona Virus has not only exposed over 65,000 UK businesses to cyber attacks, but a study claims that 44% of respondents will not use the brand again if their data was to be breached or has been breached in the cyber incidents- a matter of concern to retail and service providers. The findings were released […]

McAfee says Cyber Criminals are exploiting Corona fears

As most companies are asking their employees to work from home to keep their business operations alive during the Corona Virus pandemic crisis, a research conducted by Cybersecurity Firm McAfee says that the trend is being exploited by hackers who are making money by launching malicious apps, phishing campaigns, malware and harmful websites. McAfee COVID […]

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