Half a billion cyber attacks thwarted by Tokyo Olympics 2021

Hackers are always interested in events that grab the attention of the entire globe and one such sporting event was the Tokyo Olympics 2020 that was postponed by the organizers because of COVID-19 Pandemic and rescheduled and held between July–August 2021 i.e. in this year. A recent statement issued by the Summer Olympics Organizer from […]

Ransomware attacks could have cost the United States $7.5 Billion

Hackers holding hostage of data for a ransom leads to a ransomware attack and this is what turned into a profitable business for hackers in 2019. According to a survey, conducted by Cybersecurity firm Emisoft, the cost of ransomware attacks in 2019 could have cost $7.5 billion.   And the victims were tallied to be […]

Texas Ransomware attack to cost $12 million and more

A recent ransomware attack which took place on 23 local government entities of Texas is believed to cost the entire state at least $12 million loss which could surge if the incident gets unwrapped further during investigations. Hackers are reportedly demanding $2.5 million on a collective note to free up the database from malware.   […]

Ransomware attack cost on Aluminum producer Norsk Hydro estimated to be $41m

Norway based Aluminum producer Norsk Hydro which was hit by a ransomware attack last week has released a press statement today saying 60% of its servers have recovered from the malware impact and running normally. The firm also disclosed that the ransomware attack could cost it over 460 million Norwegian Kroner or appx.41 million pounds. […]

Cost to launch a cyber attack

All these days we have been discussing companies protecting their digital assets from cyber attacks, but now in this article, we will be talking about the cost of a cyber attack versus defense strategies. Research carried out by a top VPN provider says that logins related to Amazon, Uber, Spotify, Gmail, Twitter, PayPal and GrubHub, […]

Atlanta Ransomware attack could cost city taxpayers $17 million

In March 2018, the government servers in the city of Atlanta were targeted by ransomware which led to the disruption of almost all the government’s digital services and data loss in some departments which includes the water utility and the police surveillance footage storage systems. According to a confidential audit report prepared by the Atlanta […]

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