Half a billion cyber attacks thwarted by Tokyo Olympics 2021


Hackers are always interested in events that grab the attention of the entire globe and one such sporting event was the Tokyo Olympics 2020 that was postponed by the organizers because of COVID-19 Pandemic and rescheduled and held between July–August 2021 i.e. in this year.

A recent statement issued by the Summer Olympics Organizer from Japan revealed that the cyber threat to the games event was so intense that the organizing committee had to hire a third party firm that with a dedicated team of 200 Cybersecurity specialists helped thwart over 500 million or half a billion cyber attacks.

According to a finding discovered by NTT Corporation that was assigned operating the digital services across the event, state funded hackers tried their best to disrupt the event that counted over 2.5 times the amount observed during the 2012 London Olympics.

Specifying the same, the report reiterates the fact that most of the hackers were related to espionage, phishing and were hired to manipulate the results using deep fake tech, email spoofing, Emotet malware spread, and fake website claiming to sell the tickets for the event and such.

“As the entire event was held with a 5G network backup, most of the communication and digital efforts during the entire event could be held in peace by mitigating the cyber risks on time. And this was achieved by keeping a note of supply chain and high value targets that have almost zero downtime tolerance and backing them up with the best fail-over systems,” said Neil McKenzie, from NTT Networks Corporation.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Games were held at a cost of $15.8 billion and this was revealed in a University of Oxford study that termed it as the most expensive event of the decade.

Sarcastically, some Facebook users started to troll the Summer Olympics 2020 event as a big failure regarding money investment and management as it could have supported the construction of 300 multi-specialty hospitals in Japan, and could have supported the education of over 500,000 million school children. As the invested amount could build over 1200 schools and can buy 38 Jumbo Jets of Boeing-747, make.

Naveen Goud
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