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Cyber Threat alert as Russian App sends data to Moscow

A profile picture app that promises a free Avatar in return for download is in news for all the wrong reasons. The app seems to be connected to Russian intelligence and seems to send all the pictures uploaded onto it to servers operating in Moscow. An alert issued by security researchers from ESET state that […]

Five Eyes issues Russian Cyber Threat warning

All the countries that are against Russia’s war on Ukraine, mainly the UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and collectively called as Five Eyes- have been warned about a major possible cyber attack from Russian Federation. So, all the national leaders from the above stated five countries are being urged to bolster the security […]

Ukraine now faces cyber threats through Telegram messages

For the past three days, a group of government officials from Ukraine are getting telegram alerts urging them to look at the security of their respective accounts, as some unlawful login into their accounts was being noticed by Russia. Highly placed sources state that the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection (SSSCIP) of […]

Cyber Threat warning issued to all internet connected UPS devices

United States CISA has issued a cyber threat warning to all web connected UPS devices as they were on the verge of being cyber attacked. The alert was issued on a joint note by the Department of Energy and FBI and urges all critical facilities to review the security of their power back up solutions […]

Cyber Threat to SWIFT Banking System

The ongoing war of Russia on Ukraine is fetching many troubles to the financial sector, as most of the internationally recognized banks predict a severe cyber threat to SWIFT, the global payments messaging system in the coming weekend. As VTB and Promsvyazbank, the two biggest banks in Russia have withdrawn from the funding of the […]

Cyber threat to Electric Vehicles

A recent online survey conducted for Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB) suggests that over 74% of prospective owners of Electric Vehicles(EVs) are in a fear that their vehicles might fall prey to ransomware, state funded campaigns and other variants of cyber attack when connected to public charging stations. Zogby Analytics was the […]

Cyber Threat to Healthcare and Corona Virus Vaccine supply

Amid fears that the newly mutated & detected Omicron variant of Corona could trigger a lockdown across the world, security experts warn that some group of threat actors probably funded by adversary governments are threatening to disrupt the healthcare services and vaccine supply meant to contain the spread of COVID-19 on a global note. According […]

Cyber Threat forces Canada to shut down 4000 government websites

Can you believe that an unverified cyber threat has forced the Quebec government to shut over 4000 of its websites, all as a preventive measure to avoid extreme cyber troubles? This has happened in practical and was confirmed by Eric Caire, Quebec’s Digital Transformation Minister at a media briefing on Monday. Going deep into the […]

Cyber Threat by using own name as Password

An annual report released by NordPass states that online users are repeatedly committing the same mistake by using their own name as a password, which could put their online identity at a major risk in coming years. According to the list of Most Common Passwords used in 2020, a majority of them either used their […]

Cyber Threat ranking for countries across the world

A research carried out by fraud detection firm SEON has ranked Denmark as the safest nation to spend time online, followed by Germany and United States. Releasing a report on this note, security researchers compiled their report based on the information passed on by the National Cyber Security Index (NCSI) and the Global Cybersecurity Index […]

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