FIN6 shifts business from POS malware to Ransomware spread Cyber Crime

A recent study conducted by cyber intelligence firm FireEye has discovered that popular cybercrime group FIN6 has shifted its base from circulating POS Malware to ransomware spread by using malicious encryption programs such as RYUK and LockerGoga. According to sources, FIN6 hackers group used to make its living by spreading malware which steals card details […]

Cyber Attack news for the day

1.) Ransomware attack on Luas website of Ireland is said to have impacted over 3,226 people who signed up for the company’s newsletter. The company says that no financial info of the impacted customers was compromised in the incident, but admitted that the attack could have impacted other details such as names, email ids, and […]


This post was originally published here by (ISC)² Management. (ISC)²’s two-day Secure Summits bring multi-subject sessions from hands on practical workshops to keynotes and panel discussions, featuring local and international industry experts to maximise the learning experience and CPE opportunities. Serving the entire (ISC)² EMEA professional community with regional events, the Summits offer a wealth of […]

Lack of IT staff making companies vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

Are you concerned about the ongoing threats in cyberspace…? And are you interested in isolating your company’s digital assets from cyber attacks? Then you better hire a cybersecurity professional/s who will help you in doing so. According to a survey conducted by a cybersecurity consultancy, “2-Sec” lack of IT staff is leaving companies exposed to […]

How to Make $5 Million a Day in Cybercrime

This post isn’t exactly a “how to” but if your current employment isn’t bringing in the bacon, I’m sure your criminal mind can figure it out. In the biggest digital advertising fraud in the history of the U.S., it was recently found that a group of hackers is bringing in from $3 million to $5 […]

GoldenEye Ransomware: Shaken, Not Stirred – Notes from the Underground

What do action, adventure, cool gadgets, Vodka martinis—shaken not stirred—and ransomware all have in common? One word – GoldenEye. For my fellow Gen Xers, you probably remember this iconic James Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan as 007. I sure do. It was one of the best James Bond films ever made. The film involved an […]

Cyber – The Latest Front on the Election Battlefield

Alastair Paterson wrote an interesting post about Cyber – The Latest Front on the Election Battlefield that I would like to share. “To say that the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle has been unusual would be an understatement for a number of reasons. As a security professional, what stands out is the steady stream of cyber […]

Teen Arrested for Cyberattack on 911 Emergency System

 Eduard Kovacs  wrote an interesting post about Teen Arrested for Cyberattack on 911 Emergency System that I would like to share. “An 18-year-old teen from Arizona was arrested this week after one of his iOS exploits caused serious disruption to 911 emergency systems. According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Meetkumar Hiteshbhai Desai was booked on three […]

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