Help Desk Personnel are the Side Door for Cybercriminals

According to Gartner, worldwide end-user spending on security and risk management is projected to total $215 billion in 2024. That is up nearly 15 percent from 2023. This increase in investments is happening for a good reason. Just look at the spike in ransomware attacks alone. According to recent Corvus Insurance research, ransomware attacks increased […]

How do cybercriminals use artificial intelligence?

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and innovative technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI) are evolving at an alarming rate. But unfortunately, as technology advances, so do the strategies of cybercriminals. The integration of AI into nefarious online activities has sparked a cascade of newly sophisticated cyber threats which both individuals and businesses alike […]

Four ways to make yourself a harder target for cybercriminals

All of us rely on at least one device in order to go about our daily lives. Our smartphones help us get from A to B, connect us with friends and manage our bank accounts, our work laptops allow us to earn an income, our home laptops allow us to play games and stream entertainment. […]

Cybercriminals Now Targeting Celebrity Plastic Surgery

When you think about cybercriminals, what image comes to mind? Some sweaty, greasy teenager type persona hidden in a dark room surrounded by computers, trying to crack code and glean information from big websites. Kind of true. Then you think about the types of places that hackers are trying to break into. It’s easy to […]

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