Dan Coats

Russia alleges Cyber Attack on its Presidential Elections from West

Russia, the country led by President Vladimir Putin has alleged that two nations from the west have launched cyber attacks on its Presidential Elections in March 2018 to influence the election results. In what seems to be direct blame on the United States and Dan Coats, the UK intelligence officer, Nikolai Murashov, the deputy director […]

US Intelligence feels that China and Russia are the biggest cyber threats to the US

US Intelligence has told US Senators on Tuesday that countries like China and Russia were the biggest cyber threats to their country than they have been in decades. Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence said that the change in US policies on security and trade under trump administration are influencing the American allies in […]

Microsoft warns US Government of Facial Recognition Use abuse

For the first time in history, Microsoft which is a top American technology company has come into open to criticize the use of facial recognition technology by the US government. It says the abuse of the technology will create hurdles to the law of protecting people’s privacy and freedom of expression. In a blog post […]

Russia and China wondering about United States insecurity on Cyber Threats!

As soon as Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence told the Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia might try to influence the 2018 US elections, Russia and China retaliated to his statement by saying that their governments have no idea on why the United States feels so insecure on Cyber Threats. Issuing an official announcement […]

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