US Intelligence feels that China and Russia are the biggest cyber threats to the US


US Intelligence has told US Senators on Tuesday that countries like China and Russia were the biggest cyber threats to their country than they have been in decades.

Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence said that the change in US policies on security and trade under trump administration are influencing the American allies in a negative way. As a result of which they are keeping a distance from Washington.

“As countries like China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia use cyber warfare to threaten nations- just to steal information, influence citizens, influence the political stats or to disrupt critical infrastructure, they can be treated as the top adversaries to the United States”, said Coats.

Also, the relationship of Moscow with Beijing has fortified in recent years as both nations have common adversaries- which are the developed nations in the west added the director of the world’s most smart intelligence services.

There is a strong chance of Russia and China interfering or influencing the general US elections of 2020 by refining their capabilities and adding innovative tactics. The plan is to deteriorate social and racial tensions among nations said Coats.

“Russia’s use of social media will create a troublesome situation to our nation”, said Senator Mark Warner of Democratic Party. He added that Putin led nation is looking to create divisions in society and is aiming to influence the democratic processes.

There is a high probability of China and Russia disrupting US power networks warns intelligence report.

Note- On Monday, the government of United States has slapped criminal charges against Chinese technology maker Huawei for conducting espionage through its equipment and services.

So, US intelligence feels that the charges could deteriorate the ties between Washington and Beijing further which could result in retaliation from nations residing in the east in the form of more and sophisticated cyber attacks.

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