Teenage hacker makes £ 400,000 by hacking 1.7 million Xbox Live and Minecraft accounts

Teenage Hacker named Adam Mudd is said to have made £400,000 by selling a nasty virus to fellow hackers which led to the crash of more than 1.7 million Xbox Live and Minecraft accounts. The young computer hacker is on a verge of facing a jail term for crashing websites and causing immense damage to […]

Cyber Attack on American University network makes IoT search for ‘Seafood’

A Cyber Attack on a computer network of an American University made all internet connected devices of the educational institution search for seafood in nearby restaurants. The said Distributed Denial of Service was so intense that it immediately slowed down and eventually brought down the entire network. NOTE- When abnormal traffic hits a computer network […]

Companies in China witness a surge in cyber attacks

Firms operating in China and Hong Kong(HK) have witnessed a surge in cyber attacks in the past couple of years. This was confirmed by a PWC survey which added that cyber attacks grew 969 percent between 2014 and 2016. The surge in cyber attacks was witnessed due to a widely adopted trend where innovation has […]

How Cloud can help SMBs overcome IT security Concerns

UK’s security breaches survey has proved that more than 74 percent of small and medium scale businesses located around the world struggle with the consequences of security incidents. The survey also mentioned that 42 percent of SMBs cite complexity of IT Infrastructure as prime reason for non-adoption. But as the volume of cyber attacks in […]

Liberia is still under the influence of Cyber Attack

Liberia is still reigning under the influence of cyber attack which hit it badly last week and dislodged its network communication with outside world. However, Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) has claimed that the news that the entire internet activity in its region was dislodged by cyber crooks is false.  LTA has issued a fresh statement […]

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