Google offers DDoS protection to its Google Cloud Platform and G Suite Customers

Google has launched a new tool named VPC Service Controls for protecting API based services on its Cloud and G-Suite Platforms. The objective of the service is simple to prevent hackers from exfiltrating data from the said platforms. And as far as DDoS attacks are concerned, Google is offering a service named Cloud Armor to […]

Vladimir Putin wins Russian Elections despite Cyber Attack

A DDoS Cyber Attack hit Russia’s Central Election Commission’s (CEC) Information Center on early hours of March 18th, 2018. But the attack was detected and was contained in time by the election commission authorities which then paved way for the smooth progress of Elections which was won by Vladimir Putin consecutively for the 4th time. […]

Business Wire suffering from denial of service attack!

Business Wire, a press release distributor and a business unit of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathway, Inc said on Tuesday that its IT assets were suffering from a denial of service attack from the past one week and so its customers may witness an operational slowdown for a couple of days. The San Francisco based company […]

Latvia E-Health system comes under Cyber Attack from Abroad!

Latvia, a country located on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia said that its new e-health system was on Tuesday afternoon cyber attacked with a sea of medical prescription requests pouring in per second. The cyber attack which can be termed as DDoS was launched in an automated way from more than 20 countries […]

IT teams will have to fight with these 5 Cloud Security Threats in 2018

The year 2018 will witness IT teams of big and small companies fighting with the below specified 5 cloud security threats. And if they fail to do so or ignore them, then it could lead them to big trouble. Lack of Responsibility- Most IT heads are in thinking that if they move their apps and […]

Cyber Attack wrecks the launch of Bitcoin Gold Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Gold launch was marred by a Cyber Attack which took place on the new crypto currency’s website. The digital currency was supposed to be launched on October 24th,2017, but came under sustained distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber attack. Bitcoin’s Gold website issued a public statement on Wednesday that its webpage experienced a DDOS […]

Stop blaming Hillary Clinton for cyber attack on Verrit

From the past couple of days, there has been ‘n’ number of media reports blaming former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a cyber attack on Verrit. Many of these sources said that as soon as the lady endorsed the social media platform meant for her political supporters, it became a victim of cyber […]

DDoS Cyber Attack on Ukraine’s Postal Department

Hackers launched a Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) cyber attack on Ukraine’s postal department disrupting the online parcel tracking service from past two days. Authorities report that the attack started on early Monday and ended shortly after 18:00 local time on Tuesday. Sources from Ukrposhta report that the attack took place in two installments. One on […]

Foscam USA issues a cyber security alert to all its users

Chinese company Foscam has warned all its remote controlled CCTV camera users about a flaw which when exploited by hackers can pave the way to cyber espionage. In an email notice sent by Foscam USA, a subsidiary of Foscam Intelligent Technology Co. LTD, the company specified that 12 models of its cameras contain security flaws […]

Small Businesses are being threatened by these top Cyber Attacks

A Business is a business, no matter how much you are investing in it to raise it from the roots. And if you are one of the owner’s of the estimated 28 million small businesses in America, then it’s high time to include cybersecurity into your enterprise toolkit. According to a survey carried out by […]

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