Google offers DDoS protection to its Google Cloud Platform and G Suite Customers


Google has launched a new tool named VPC Service Controls for protecting API based services on its Cloud and G-Suite Platforms. The objective of the service is simple to prevent hackers from exfiltrating data from the said platforms.

And as far as DDoS attacks are concerned, Google is offering a service named Cloud Armor to its customers which offer application defense from DDoS attacks by offering blacklisting and whitelisting tools and integrating them with Google’s Global Load Balancing Service.

Furthermore, Google has also announced that its cloud platform is now FedRamp Certified with moderate impact level. FedRamp is nothing but the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program that provides a standardized approach to the security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

Coming to the security tools being offered to G-Suite customers, the internet juggernaut plans to offer a customizable dashboard to its customers from this Tuesday. Therefore the new service will help in flagging emails from un-trusted senders loaded with encrypted attachments or embedded scripts to help customers from becoming targets for ransomware attacks and other email phishing attacks. Also, the service will have the potential to warn users from false emails which often spoof employee names from domains that look similar to that from the official one.

“Every second we mark over 10 million Gmail Messages as Spam for over a billion active users. This clearly means that we are pretty much into the spam campaign and are spending a lot to train machine learning algorithms to recognize them on an automated note”, said Urs Holzle, the Senior Vice President, of Google Technical Infrastructure.

Google has also tipped to partner with a number of security vendors like CrowdStrike, Cloudflare, Redlock, Palo Alto Networks, and Qualys to help its cloud customers protect from cyber threats such as botnets, crypto mining malware, DDoS Attacks, and other apprehensive network traffic.

Naveen Goud
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