Qualys acquires Cloud Security firm TotalCloud

Qualys, a cybersecurity firm that is into the business of compliance software, has made it official that it is going to acquire Cloud Security firm TotalCloud for an undisclosed amount. Trade analysts state that the newly acquired tech from TotalCloud will help Qualys Cloud Platform to gain a visibility of the Security & Compliance postures […]

Major Cyber Attack on Qualys Cloud Computing Security Vendor

A cloud computing security vendor named Qualys has made it official that its server farm was hit by a cyber attack that could have allowed hackers to access certain portion of data. As per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, hackers spreading Clop Ransomware could have struck the cloud service provider. However, no valid proof […]

Cloud Security startup ‘Adya’ acquired by Qualys

Qualys, the California based cloud security company has officially announced that it is going to acquire the San Francisco based cloud startup ‘Adya’ for an undisclosed amount. The objective of the deal is to use the software products of Adya to help firms of all sizes consolidate the administration of their ‘Software as a Service’(SaaS) […]

Cloud Security Company Qualys acquires Layered Insight

Foster City, Calif-based Cloud Security specialist ‘Qualys’ has made it official that it is going to acquire ‘Layered Insight’ technologies to help secure container related applications on its cloud platform. As Pleasanton based Layered Insight offers deeper visibility into applications running inside containers, Qualys wants to use those capabilities to help its users set policies, […]

Google offers DDoS protection to its Google Cloud Platform and G Suite Customers

Google has launched a new tool named VPC Service Controls for protecting API based services on its Cloud and G-Suite Platforms. The objective of the service is simple to prevent hackers from exfiltrating data from the said platforms. And as far as DDoS attacks are concerned, Google is offering a service named Cloud Armor to […]

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