G Suite passwords stored in plain text for 14 years

G Suite which happens to be a Cloud Computing brand of productivity and collaboration tools of Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary Google has disclosed on Wednesday that a bug in its database caused the passwords to be stored in plain text for 14 years i.e. since 2005-6. Thus, with the latest revelation, the web service giant happens […]

Google offers DDoS protection to its Google Cloud Platform and G Suite Customers

Google has launched a new tool named VPC Service Controls for protecting API based services on its Cloud and G-Suite Platforms. The objective of the service is simple to prevent hackers from exfiltrating data from the said platforms. And as far as DDoS attacks are concerned, Google is offering a service named Cloud Armor to […]

Google introduces Security Center for G-Suite Cloud Applications

Google has introduced a new Security Center feature to protect the users of its Google Cloud Products against speculative execution vulnerabilities. The feature gives the admins of G-Suite a centralized view of the key security metrics related to their data and a way to act upon that information in a timely manner. The internet juggernaut […]

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