Denial of service

Donald Trump United States to be hit with a major DDoS Cyber Attack

Well, this is just a speculation that is going amok on Twitter and other social media platforms and has attracted the attention of a lot of officials from White House early this week.   As soon as T-Mobile witnessed an outage in early June this year, many started to predict a potential Chinese Denial of […]

DDoS Attacks rise by 30% in 3Q 2019

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks rose to 30% by the 3Q of 2019 and this was revealed in a study by Russia based Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky. The security firm claims that the latest recorded numbers have doubled when compared to the same previous year and were primarily witnessed due to a spike in malicious […]

DraftKings becomes a victim of DDoS Cyber Attack

Boston based Sports betting contest provider DraftKings has released an official statement yesterday which says that it has become a victim of a Cyber Attack. The company says that it has become a victim of a distributed denial of service attack in early last month that is of increasing concern to businesses these days. DraftKings […]

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