email Phishing

Coronavirus and Email Phishing scam and Cyber Attack on WHO

As the panic of Covid 19 is slowly gripping the entire world, some hacking groups are seen spreading malware in the form of email...

Hackers target UnityPoint Health with email phishing scam

UnityPoint Health, an Iowa based healthcare provider has announced that it has become a victim of a recent email phishing scam which could have...

Here are the most common email phishing subject lines

In technical terms, email phishing is nothing but an attempt to obtain sensitive info such as usernames and passwords and credit card details by...

Polish Cops arrest the author of Polski, Vortex and Flotera Ransomware

Law enforcement of Poland arrested the ransomware author of Polski, Vortex and Flotera malware variants on Wednesday(March 14th, 2018) last week and seized computer...
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