Coronavirus and Email Phishing scam and Cyber Attack on WHO


As the panic of Covid 19 is slowly gripping the entire world, some hacking groups are seen spreading malware in the form of email phishing scams delivered in the name of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Security experts say that the subject lines of such emails often seem to be authentic like How to curb Coronavirus spread; how you can save from the pandemic; medicine for Covid 19; the home remedy to treat Coronavirus or Covid-19…and such.

Strictly speaking, these emails are fake and are meant to spread malware by enticing the target to download a file or click on a phishing link.

So, all your web services users out there, please make sure that you stay away from such phishing emails hereon…

Coming to the other news update issued by WHO CIO Flavio Aggio, the World Health Organization is said to have become a victim of a cyber attack early this month. But as the attack was neutralized by the related authorities, no digital services were impacted by the attack and so the media was kept dark about the incident to date.

According to the press release available with Reuters, Flavio Aggio said that the identity of hackers was yet to be established and was first red-flagged by a cybersecurity expert from the US named Alexander Urbelis.

Mr. Urbelis discovered the incident on March 13 of this year when he found a fake website from WHO in the disguise of an internal email system of healthcare. It is being suspected that the site could have been launched to steal passwords from the agency staff members.

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