Coronavirus and Email Phishing scam and Cyber Attack on WHO

As the panic of Covid 19 is slowly gripping the entire world, some hacking groups are seen spreading malware in the form of email phishing scams delivered in the name of the World Health Organization (WHO). Security experts say that the subject lines of such emails often seem to be authentic like How to curb […]

More Cyber Threats due to Coronavirus

As Coronovirus scare has made many public and private companies initiate their employees to work from home, security experts fear that this trend could see a rise in Cyber Attacks as working remotely only guarantees the work completed by employees to employers. But it doesn’t guaranty that all the company’s info will stay safe from […]

Details of CovidLock ransomware and Czech hospital infection

As the fears of Coronavirus infection spread are gripping the world at a fast pace, hackers are seen using every opportunity to dupe victims in the disguise of services and products about Covid-19; and here’s one such instance- A team of Cybersecurity researchers from DomainTools has identified that some hackers are seen promoting a mobile […]

Cyber Threat to Pentagon Coronavirus Telecommuting

As the Coronavirus scare is petrifying all the people across the world, Pentagon’s top officials have chosen to embrace telecommuting technology to keep their Counterintelligence operations alive even during the event of a medical threat. Unfortunately, the new way of work from home syndrome is proving as a blessing to hackers as they have every […]

Cyber Attack news trending on Google

The first news headlines which are topping the Google news results are about Finablr which is a London based Financial services company. It released a press statement early today that its profit scale will be negatively hit this year due to the spread of Coronavirus across the world and also due to the cyber attack […]

Cyber Attack result is Coronavirus outbreak

Yes, what you’ve have read is right! There is a talk going on the web that the current outbreak of Coronavirus could be a result of a cyber-attack. Unlike, the ongoing speculation that it was either a result of Chinese project failure related to bio-war or a Xi-Jiping led nation’s war on the world to […]

Now meet the Cyber Threat in the name of Coronavirus

As the death toll of patients infected with Coronavirus has surpassed the figure of 380 yesterday in China, security analysts from Kaspersky have concluded that hackers are now using the name of the deadly Wuhan Virus for a new variant of ransomware infections, malware, and other cyber threats campaigns. Malicious infections in the name of […]

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