Cybersecurity related news headlines trending on Google

1.) The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a nationwide alert regarding a hacking group known as “Phantom Hackers,” which is specifically targeting senior citizens. According to the FBI’s statement, these criminals impersonate bank representatives, convincing their victims to disclose sensitive information. This stolen information is subsequently exploited to drain bank accounts, deplete savings, […]

Email inboxes are vulnerable to sophistication driven cyber attacks

In today’s digital world of communication, a vast amount of information is stored and processed through email communication. This includes sensitive data related to financial transactions, healthcare, professional endeavors, and personal conversations with loved ones. Consider this scenario: a malicious hacker gains access to email credentials through phishing techniques and subsequently takes control of the […]

Anonymous leaks a million emails from Russian state media

Anonymous, an internationally recognized hacking group, has leaked over 900,000 emails belonging to Russian state media channels. Reports are in that the emails spanning over 20 years was stolen from an archival database running in Moscow. Ukrainian hacktivists’ group, known as Network Battalion, made the leak 65 aka NB65 having links to Anonymous. Highly placed […]

Cybersecurity news trending on Google

Hong Kong protests have reached a new level with the LIHKG, the online headquarters for protesters alleging Chinese Baidu and its associated internet companies for launching cyber attacks on their website., where a lot of tips and comments exchange regarding Hong Kong protests take place, has claimed that their website came under a distributed […]

Emails to be replaced by Facebook messenger…but are you sure

Social media has emerged as a powerful marketing tool for companies to promote their products and stand out of the competition by highlighting their best to customers. But Grant Fraser, the CEO of Digitonic says that social messaging will soon succeed in replacing emails for marketing needs, as businesses are showing a lot of interest […]

More than 773 million email ids and passwords leaked online

In what could be called as the biggest data dump in the online history, more than 773 million email IDs and passwords consuming around 87GB of storage space were reported to have leaked last week. Titled as “Collection #1” the data dump which is been hosted on Kim Dotcom’s Mega cloud servers consists the disclosure […]

Russian Cyber Attack on DNC after 2018 Midterm Elections

Russia and its intelligence services are now facing fresh allegations from American media over a cyber attack which took place on DNC after November 14th,2018. Well, Democratic National Committee has come out into open on Thursday to fairly criticize Vladimir Putin and his nation for launching a cyberattack days after the 2018 Midterm elections. News […]

One in 100 emails are Malicious

FireEye, a Milpitas based publicly listed Cyber Security company has discovered in its latest study that one in 100 emails are malicious. That means they are being crafted to trick people to surrender their personal details or download malware on to the recipient computers. And the results were declared only after analyzing half a billion […]

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