Russian Cyber Attack on DNC after 2018 Midterm Elections

Russia and its intelligence services are now facing fresh allegations from American media over a cyber attack which took place on DNC after November 14th,2018.

Well, Democratic National Committee has come out into open on Thursday to fairly criticize Vladimir Putin and his nation for launching a cyberattack days after the 2018 Midterm elections.

News is out that a spear-phishing campaign was launched on DNC email database by Russian government-backed hacking group Cozy Bear- the same hacking group who intercepted the DNC’s email server before 2016 general elections of United States.

However, highly placed sources of Cybersecurity Insiders say that the hack couldn’t yield any leak of sensitive information to hackers other than the email addresses of few of the DNC’s top politicians.

Why, how, and exactly when the attack was launched are yet to be known and hope the details will be out soon when the official spokesperson of DNC reacts on the issue.

Note 1- Since Dec’16 some media resources tried hard to sensitize the issue of Trump winning the 2016 presidential elections with the help of Russia. However, the 45th president has mentioned on a number of occasions that some media sources like NYT were trying to sensationalize their news outlets by spreading false and baseless rumors- all figged up by some big heads of DNC supporting yellow journalism. On one occasion he was also caught on record saying that Hillary Clinton and her subjects were trying to gain the sympathy of losing elections by performing political witch hunt on the US polls of 2016.

Note 2– In January first week of 2017, former US President Barack Obama disclosed to the world that a joint investigation conducted by CIA and FBI has discovered evidence to prove that the November 2016 Polls were influenced by Russian intelligence. However, Obama chose to remain silent on the issue after Donald Trump took oath as a president on Jan 17th, 2017.

Naveen Goud
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