Why Infostealers are Stealing the Security Spotlight

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, with bad actors finding new and creative ways to exploit weaknesses. The threat from Malware continues to escalate with infostealers, an increasingly popular variant. Research found that 24% of malware is now infostealers, and it’s now one of the most popular topics on the cybercriminal underground. The malicious software […]

SOLUTION REVIEW: Enzoic for Active Directory

Compromised credentials stand as the predominant cause of data breaches, underscoring the urgency for organizations to bolster their defenses. It’s crucial to acknowledge that, often, the only barrier separating an attacker from an organization’s most precious resources is the strength and security of its passwords. These compromised passwords not only pose a security risk but […]

Foundational Security is the Enterprise’s Weakest Link

By Mike Greene, CEO, Enzoic Companies are evaluating artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to combat cyber threats, with IDC predicting the AI cyber security market will top $46 billion by 2027. While there are numerous vendors clamoring to capitalize on this spending, it’s a mistake for companies to assume these technologies are the quickest […]

Bringing Authentication Security Out of the Dark Ages

Cyber threats have grown increasingly sophisticated in recent years, with an expanding attack surface, today’s hybrid work environment and new vulnerabilities introduced by the IoT are a few of the challenges. Despite this evolving landscape, most organizations have yet to modernize their authentication security to effectively prevent password-based attacks and related vulnerabilities. With the most […]

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