Reasons why Zoom App is being banned by governments across the world

As more and more corporate companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are banning the usage of Zoom App in their work environments, followed by governments across the world – here are 14 reasons which are making Zoom video calling app unsafe-  1.) There is a high probability of information leak while in a video call […]

Two years passed since WannaCry Cyber Attack

On May 12th, 2017 i.e almost two years ago, around 250,000 computers were infected by a malware called WannaCry which encrypted data on the systems causing billions of losses to companies and individuals. The malware spread was so quick that thousands of computers operating in over 150 countries were infected by the virus within a […]

Google Chrome users are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Google, the web search giant has issued a public statement yesterday urging its users to update their Chrome browsers with the latest version. According to Justin Schulz, the security and desktop engineer at Google, all old version chrome browsers are vulnerable to cyber attacks and to save your system from such incidents, it is better […]

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