FireEye and McAfee Enterprise merger leads to Trellix

In March 2021, Symphony Technology Group (STG) announced that it is purchasing security firm McAfee Enterprise for $4 billion. And in June last year, the investment firm declared it will merge the company with FireEye acquired for $1.2 billion, leading to a bigger company in assets, customer count and market value. Now, in January 2022, […]

McAfee and FireEye $2 billion merger details

Cybersecurity firms McAfee and FireEye will reportedly be merged to form a $2 billion business by early 2022. And the 40,000 customers (of both firms) and 5000 employees will soon work together to create a benchmark in security business from then on. Highly placed sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders have reported that Bryan Palma, the […]

Russia Cozy Bear targets US Federal Agencies similar to Ukraine 2017 Cyber Attack

In June 2017, many of the banks, energy producers, local networks and state-owned media agencies in Ukraine were targeted by a malware oriented cyber attack from a hacking group named Cozy Bear aka APT29. A detailed probe launched later proved that the group was being backed by Foreign Intelligence Service belonging to Russia, and the […]

Cyber Attack on US Treasury and Commerce Departments

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have issued a formal statement in the last weekend confirming a cyber attack on the Treasury and Commerce Departments of United States. Microsoft reacted to the news and said that its preliminary inquiries in association with the law enforcement have revealed that Russian intelligence service is suspected […]

Russian State Sponsored Cyber Attack on FireEye

FireEye, a California based Cybersecurity firm, has made an official announcement on Tuesday that it became a victim of a state sponsored cyber attack from Russia. The security firm added in its statement that the attack was highly sophisticated and the hackers stolen hacking tools dubbed Red Team tools from the servers. Red Team tools […]

FireEye acquires Cloud Security startup Cloudvisory

FireEye which offers AI-based cybersecurity intelligence has made it official that it has acquired Texas-based Cloud Security startup Cloudvisory. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed. However, FireEye confirmed that its latest technology acquisition will help its customers integrate cloud workload security capabilities into its Helix Platform dedicated to the cloud and container security. […]

More than half of businesses are not prepared for Cyber Attacks

A recent study made by FireEye has stated that more than half of businesses operating across the globe are not prepared to combat cyber attacks. Also, 50% of the CEOs believe that their company is not in a position to handle or respond to a hacking incident or data breach. Yes, these shocking facts were […]

Ransomware attack in disguise of a fake browser update

FireEye, a California based Cybersecurity company has discovered that hackers have launched a ransomware attack campaign in disguise of a fake browser update. As per the findings, the cyber crooks are entering the domain networks by leveraging compromised infrastructure to gain a foothold. They then establish themselves to deploy malware such as Dridex or NetSupport […]

One in 100 emails are Malicious

FireEye, a Milpitas based publicly listed Cyber Security company has discovered in its latest study that one in 100 emails are malicious. That means they are being crafted to trick people to surrender their personal details or download malware on to the recipient computers. And the results were declared only after analyzing half a billion […]

North Korea uses Samsung, Microsoft and Apple technology to carry out Cyber Attacks

A recent study made on the cyberattacks launched by North Korea proves that the Kim Jong UN-led country employs hacking technology coming from the Donald Trump-led United States. A Massachusetts based Cybersecurity Intelligence company named Recorded Future has discovered in its research that North Korean government is using devices from Microsoft, Apple and Korea based […]

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