Interesting cybersecurity news headlines trending on Google

DDoS Attack via Compromised Smart Toothbrushes Disrupts Swiss Company’s Network A Swiss company recently faced a significant setback due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack orchestrated through compromised smart toothbrushes. With over 3 million devices affected, the attack resulted in millions of Euros in losses for the company. The smart toothbrushes, operating on […]

10 safe browsing tools on Firefox browser

When it comes to privacy, those using the Firefox browser know well that the said web browser offers the utmost privacy with a feature to customize it further to suit personalized privacy obligations via plugins/add-on or extensions.   Now, to those who do not know how to do so, here’s a list of 10 tools […]

Will Microsoft try to monopolize its security services after Google

We all know that in coming years usage of Google services will all depend upon the patriotism of the users towards the web search giant. That’s because most of the mobile computing devices we use by then will be operating on OSes released by the subsidiary of the Alphabet, Inc and will only entertain the […]

Vega Stealer malware can steal financial data from Web Browsers

Researchers from Enterprise security firm Proofpoint have found that a new malware called ‘Vega Stealer’ is on the prowl on the web and it has the potential to steal financial data from the web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. A detailed study conducted by the said Sunnyvale based company claims that the said malware […]

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