Data of 61 million Fitbit and Apple users exposed on web

All those using Fitbit trackers and wearables, here’s a news piece that needs your immediate attention. Reports are in that an unsecured database led to the exposure of over 61 million records of users related to Fitbit and Apple Healthkit repository users. WebsitePlanet researchers team led by Jeremiah Fowler have discovered a database that wasn’t […]

Google not to use Fitbit data for advertising purposes

Google has cleared the air that it will not use the newly acquired Fitbit Inc’s data for advertising purposes and said that it will keep all the monitored details secure on a separate servers away from prying eyes and compliance rules prevailing in different parts of the world. To the uninitiated, Fitbit, a 2007 founded […]

Bluetooth Vulnerability exposes iOS and FitBit devices to Cyber Attacks

All Microsoft and Apple device users should turn off their device Bluetooth when not in use as hackers can exploit certain vulnerabilities in the said communication medium for espionage-related activities. The susceptibility is said to compromise iOS, Microsoft and users of wearable devices such Fitbits extremely. Users of Android-based OS devices are reported to be […]

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