The Latest Threat CISOs Cannot Afford to Ignore—Business Payment Fraud

[By Shai Gabay, CEO, Trustmi] As if the list of things keeping CISOs up at night wasn’t long enough, cyberattacks on finance teams and business payment processes are now a priority because they are in the bullseye of bad actors. According to a 2023 webcast poll from Deloitte Center for Controllership™, more than 48 percent […]

Hacker’s target WhatsApp Work Group for frauds

As WFH culture has picked up, all because of the never ending COVID-19 pandemic, hackers are seen targeting WhatsApp Work Group in order to get details of users and impersonate the group admins to seek fund transfers by seeking alms through personal messages. Law enforcement agencies in America and in countries like India are getting […]

ATMs in the UK are being hijacked by hackers

Automatic Teller Machines, shortly known as ATMs, are being used by hackers to lock down cards on the teller machines so that the hackers can gain control of the cards on digital form and siphon money from bank accounts. Police from the Hertfordshire area have confirmed the crime and admitted that they have received at […]

5 Advantages of Fraud Scoring

As a business, fraud is something to be aware of and to put preventative measures in place where possible. Just like cybercrime, online fraud can happen to anyone – it doesn’t discriminate regardless of whether you’re a big or small company.   Fraud scoring is a useful way of helping understand how risky a user […]

Visa has been protecting user transactions with AI since 1992

American Financial Company VISA has been investing in various Artificial Intelligence technology solutions since 1992. And has been doing so to detect and prevent fraud in 534 million transactions that take place daily on its platform with VisaNet that has the potential to authorize over 58,000 transaction messages per second and that too in any […]

Fuel Pump stations POS terminals are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks says VISA

Visa, the American Multinational Financial services provider has warned all the fuel station owners in America against a possible cyber threat to the POS terminals being used at their gas stations.   According to the details available to Cybersecurity Insiders, three gas stations were cyber-attacked in Summer’19 where the objective of the hackers was to […]

Phishing email alert- Beware of these email subject lines before opening them

Nowadays, phishing emails have become an earning source for cyber crooks, as they lure innocent online users into clicking malicious links or malware. Recent research conducted by Barracuda Networks on more than half a million emails has given a conclusion that often people fall prey to 12 most common yet dangerous email subject- lines which […]

Dell fails to notify customers on Cyber Attack

Dell has announced late yesterday that it had reset all the passwords of its customers belonging to its electronics store on November 14th this year as a precautionary measure to block unauthorized attempt of cyber crooks to extract customer information like email address, customer names and hashed passwords. The highlight of this issue is […]

Google n FBI discover a major ad-fraud campaign infecting 2 million devices

Google in association with the US law enforcement agency FBI has busted a major AD fraud campaign which is reported to have hacked over 2 million devices so far. It’s said that the scam led the hackers to over $36 million earnings from advertising. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the search giant indicted charges against […]

Email ransom frauds leading to suicides

Imagine one fine day an email pops out on your screen and presents itself to be from a friend or colleague. But when you click on it, that leads you to a string of vicious threats to destroy your life until a ransom is paid. Well, this is not a storyline from a Hollywood movie […]

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