Ransomware attack on Fujitsu Servers

Reports have surfaced indicating that a hacking group specializing in ransomware has breached Fujitsu Servers’ computer network, purportedly stealing sensitive data. Details remain sparse, pending the conclusion of a thorough investigation by the IT company. While Fujitsu has yet to identify the specific criminal group responsible, they’ve acknowledged the incident as the work of a […]

Fujitsu issues apology for IT and Data Privacy scandal of UK Post Offices

Fujitsu, a Japanese multinational company specializing in software and technology services, has issued an apology in response to the IT scandal that unfolded within the UK Post Office. The company is currently facing allegations that its IT staff, tasked with serving the Post Offices in the United Kingdom, had unauthorized access to manipulate databases, raising […]

Fujitsu Cloud Security rebuked by Japan and Nickelodeon Data Breach

Japan government has pressed a pause button on all its future deals with Fujitsu Cloud as the latter has failed to curb network misconfigurations that could have led to data leaks.¬†Going by the details, Fujitsu operates a cloud named FENICS that is used by government agen-cies and large corporate clients for storing sensitive data. In […]

Japan government servers hacked and data stolen

Fujitsu, an IT services firm from Japan was recently targeted by cybercriminals stealing sensitive data belonging to government offices says a report released by NHK- a Japan-based media resource. ¬† Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the data belonging to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, Cabinet secretariat, and Tourism were accessed & siphoned […]

Fujitsu and UTC team up for setting up Cybersecurity College

Fujitsu in association with University Technical Colleges (UTC) located across England has decided to set up an information security college to address the national and global shortage of professionals in the field of Cyber Security. The newly established technical college will aim to prepare students aged in between 14-19 for the job market of the […]

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