Fujitsu Cloud Security rebuked by Japan and Nickelodeon Data Breach


Japan government has pressed a pause button on all its future deals with Fujitsu Cloud as the latter has failed to curb network misconfigurations that could have led to data leaks.
Going by the details, Fujitsu operates a cloud named FENICS that is used by government agen-cies and large corporate clients for storing sensitive data. In February 2023, the cloud service provider admitted that some of the data from FENICS could have reached the hands of hackers and investigations was being conducted to estimate the impact.

The Japanese tech giant issued a statement that it will submit a detailed report to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on the issue and it did as it said in April 2022.

Since, the government lost trust in FENICS, as it couldn’t justify its data protection and reme-diation practices, the government of the island country of East Asia decided to suspend its data storage agreements at an immediate effect on all new deals.

NEXT is the news related to Nickelodeon, a pay TV online channel that targets mostly chil-dren as its audiences. The Paramount owned company has suddenly hit the news headlines for a data breach that appears to be of decades old info accounting to 500GB of docs and media files.

According to a reddit post made by an ethical hacker, the data leak of Nickelodeon appears to be the data stolen in January this year. It is unclear why the hacker who siphoned the data then, has released it on to the web now.

The TV channel spokesperson assured that the leaked data doesn’t contain any sensitive info of employees and is only related to program resources that have been archived long back.

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