Facebook Meta faces €1.3 billion penalty by GDPR

Facebook parent company Meta has been slapped with a penalty of €1.2 billion for transferring data of European users to the servers operating in the United States. A move that is dead-against the GDPR rules that came into existence since May 2018. The Irish Data Protection Commission pronounced a penalty and imposed a $1.3 billion […]

Data Watchdog orders €9m penalty on telecom company for hiding cyber attack

A Greece-based company that owns Cosmote and OTE was slapped with a €9 million penalty for failing to inform its customers that their data was stolen in a sophisticated cyber attack that occurred in 2020. As the company kept its customers in dark, the Greek data protection authority imposed a 5,850,000 EUR and 3,250,000 EUR […]

The year 2020 witnessed these biggest GDPR fines

Google was awarded $56.6 million or €50 million penalty in March 2020 by the France data watchdog for failing to provide transparent information to users about its rules and regulations pertaining to data collection related to its products and services. H&M Germany had to face a penalty of $41 million or €35 million for fraudulently […]

Ransomware attack on MongoDB Servers along with GDPR threat

All those who are storing unstructured data on MongoDB servers you better check your security settings of the storage server before it is too late. As a group of hackers are seen targeting unsecured MongoDB servers, stealing data, and then threatening the victims to report the data breach to the data watchdogs who then will […]

British Airways fetches £183 million Cyber Attack penalty after GDPR

British Airways (BA) which suffered a major cyber attack in September last year has received the latest jolt in the last weekend. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has made an official statement early today saying that it has imposed a penalty of £183 million which was possibly the biggest penalty ever issued against a […]


This post was originally published here by (ISC)² Management. May 25 marks the first anniversary since the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. After a two-year preparation process, the regulation came into effect a year ago tomorrow, harmonizing data security, data protection, data retention and data usage laws across the EU […]

Iran cyber attacks the UK

US Security experts claim that an Iranian hackers group named Iranian Revolutionary Guards has planned cyber attacks on UK infrastructure which includes random DDoS attacks on Post Offices across the UK and siphoning of medical records of Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Cyber attacks launched on the UK say that the hacker’s group which […]

Cloud IT Company ‘Evaporate’ issues cyber threat warning for Windows users

England based cloud and IT company Evaporate has issued a serious cyber threat warning to companies using obsolete Windows Systems. The Swindon based tech firm says that cybercriminals are waiting for the big day when Microsoft announces the end of support to some of its operating systems after which they become super- vulnerable to hackers. […]

Irish data watchdog starts an investigation on Twitter’s data breach concerns

In August last year, Michael Veale, a researcher at the University College London discovered that social media giant Twitter was collecting metadata from the links shortener it uses when Twitter users include certain URLs in their respective tweets. Mr. Veale, who is on the advisory council of the Open Rights Group and a freelance consultant […]

Information Security Digital Privacy law tops EU Google’s Search List 2018

From May 25th, 2018 European Union announced the world’s toughest rules for companies offering online services to the populace of the region. And the internet juggernaut Google has claimed that its search engine was fueled with queries related to the digital privacy law in the whole of 2018. As per the most search stats released […]

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