Iran cyber attacks the UK


US Security experts claim that an Iranian hackers group named Iranian Revolutionary Guards has planned cyber attacks on UK infrastructure which includes random DDoS attacks on Post Offices across the UK and siphoning of medical records of Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Cyber attacks launched on the UK say that the hacker’s group which are probably being funded by the Iranian Government were also involved in hacking into several government networks and the post office.

The National Cyber Security Center- a cyber security wing of GCHQ is said to be aware of the cyber attack which affected 32 UK firms in late 2018. A source from NCSC on the condition of anonymity said that details such as email addresses, mobile phone numbers and some critical details of several thousands of staff members of the post office could have leaked out on this note.

Paula Vennells, the post office chief has confirmed the news but said that she cannot comment further until more details related to the investigation are available to her on an official note.

Sky News reports that security experts from Glasswall have discovered that records of over 10.824 staff members of Post Office could have spilled out in the incident.

“The data steal informs us that the attack took place at a deeper level”, said Lewis Henderson, VP of Threat Intelligence, Glasswall.

In other news related to the statistics from the UK’s Department of Culture, Digital, Media and Sport (DCMS), the percentage of breaches when compared to 2017 is said to have dropped from 43% to 32% – which is indeed encouraging.

And the drop is being witnessed due to the introduction of tough GDPR rules in May last year where companies are being heavily penalized for showing lapses in following cybersecurity practices in their data storage environments.

Also till the year, 2017 companies were using legacy software on their PCs which has affected them to a large extent when hackers tried to exploit the vulnerabilities. But since 2018 most of the companies have upgraded their system software to the latest offering utmost security to their usage environments- particularly NHS which went for a software overhaul with a £43 million investment.

Naveen Goud
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