Cyber Attack propels false Rocket Attack alarms in Israel

On Sunday last week, many cities in Israel buzzed with false alarms about rocket attacks, creating panic among the populace. The alarms were intensive and were triggering once in every 3 hours, making authorities and citizens in cities like Katamon, Hakerem, and Beit worrisome. The Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) launched a detailed inquiry and […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

The first news headline that is trending on Google belongs to Costa Rica Government websites. Information is out that Costa Rica’s Public Health System was recently targeted by Hive Ransomware and the incident happened just after a few days of attack by Conti Ransomware Group. Going deep into the details, Costa Rican Social Security Fund […]

US authorities track MuddyWater Hacking Group to Iran

US Cyber Command’s Cyber National Mission Force has identified a new hacking group dubbed MuddyWater and tracked its operations to an Iranian intelligence funded company. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) that conducts surveillance on adversaries confirmed MuddyWater was being funded by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security(MOIS) having a history of breaching governments networks […]

Microsoft servers facing Iranian Cyber Threat

In a joint statement released by United States, Britain and Australia, it was revealed that Microsoft servers were facing constant cyber threat from Iran sponsored hacking groups. The law enforcement agencies from the said nations respectively issued a statement that a hacking group named Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) was constantly eyeing to infiltrate the network […]

Massive Cyber Attack on Iran Gas Stations

Cyber Attack news reports are in that gas stations or fuel dispensing systems across the region of Iran have stopped pumping out the highly subsidized gasoline because of a technical glitch that could have been caused due to a digital attack from either United States, Israel or a group of hackers having anti-Iranian sentiments. And […]

Hackers Cyber Attack UK Aerospace Company by posing a beautiful Aerobics instructor

According to a report from Sky News, a UK based Aerospace company was targeted by a phishing attack, where a top official from the company was befriended by an Iranian hacker in disguise of a beautiful Aerobics Instructor named Marcella Flores. The highlight of this saga was that the hacker siphoned some classified documents related […]

Cyber Attack news trending on Google

Mint Mobile, an American Mobile Carrier stated it has become a victim of a cyber attack early last month that ended in a data breach affecting a larger section of its customers. And Prima facie reveals that the hacker somehow infiltrated the database and used special software to port several customer mobile numbers to another […]

Israeli companies targeted by Iran Cyber Attacks

Small and medium-size companies are being targeted by Iranian Cyber Attacks says a report published by ‘The Marker’ on Sunday. Highly placed sources say that the attacks are being targeted mostly on supply chain companies such as VERITAS Logistics Company and on Match Retail, a representative of H&M Israeli division. Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that […]

Israel cyber attack on Iran Natanz Nuclear Facility

Just a day after Iran unveiled its new Uranium enrichment centrifuges at its Natanz Nuclear facility, the IT infrastructure at the nuclear power plant was sabotaged by a digital attack likely to have been launched by Israel. As per the sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, Tehran’s Uranium Enrichment program was disrupted by nuclear terrorism […]

Cyber Attack on Iranian Country Ports

Iran has released a press statement that two of its country’s ports were hit by a cyber attack. However, news is out that the attacks were neutralized in time, thus avoiding severe damage to the controls systems of the seaports. Iran’s Computer Emergency Response Team Co-Ordination Centre has confirmed the news and cited that the […]

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