Cyber Attack propels false Rocket Attack alarms in Israel

On Sunday last week, many cities in Israel buzzed with false alarms about rocket attacks, creating panic among the populace. The alarms were intensive and were triggering once in every 3 hours, making authorities and citizens in cities like Katamon, Hakerem, and Beit worrisome.

The Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) launched a detailed inquiry and confirmed the alarms rose in the cities of Jerusalem and Eilat were completely false and might have been triggered after a group of hackers took control of the Municipal alarm systems.

A certain section of media has speculated that Iran might be behind the attack and cybersecurity experts from Israel confirm the hand of Iran’s military intelligence behind the incident.

Currently, the incident is being investigated to the core and the Israeli government assured that it will release the details as soon as its authorities get to a confirmation on the involvement of a state funded hack.

MK Yair Golan, the IDF Security Chief of Israel, issued a press statement that the attack was not that serious as reported by the media. He also gave an assurance that his nation was well prepared to endure & retaliate Iranian Cyber Warfare.

NOTE 1- Most of the troubled nations in the Middle East, like Iran, Israel and the Taliban, have set up alarm systems in their major cities. These are triggered by municipal authorities as soon as the military tip them off about missile attacks from adversaries.

NOTE 2-INCD responded that a digital group of criminals abused the alarms systems. However, it did not confirm the indulgence of the Iranian government in the attack.


Naveen Goud
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