Iranian hackers to launch data destroying malware on Western countries

All these days hackers from Iran were seen indulging in activities such as DDoS attacks and espionage. But now, there is evidence that these hackers have decided to launch malware campaigns that are capable of destroying data on the servers being operated in Western countries. This includes data being stored on public and private entities […]

Facebook says Russia and Iran will Cyber Attack and influence US 2020 election Polls

Facebook, the world’s leading social media giant has confirmed that some hacking groups were trying to play spoilsport with the results of the US 2020 election polls by influencing them by various digital means. Graphika, the social network analysis company hired by Facebook says that Russia’s troll agency named ‘The Internet Research Agency’ in association […]

Russian hackers hijack Iranian hackers to launch Cyber Attack campaigns

A Russian hacking group dubbed as Turla is reported to have hacked into the database of Iranian hackers to launch a cyber-attack campaign targeting over 35 countries, mostly in the Middle East. The other shocking fact which was discovered and revealed by UK’s National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) in association with US Intelligence is that the […]

US Presidential Campaign was targeted by Iran Phosphorous Cyber Attack

Microsoft issued a surprising statement on Friday last week that an Iranian hacking group named Phosphorous has carried out a cyberattack on the US Presidential Campaign between Aug and Sept this year and did manage to compromise some of the email accounts. The tech giant confirmed that some American Government Officials, Journalists, prominent Political leaders […]

Cyber Threat to IRAN’s oil and energy sector

Iran’s petroleum sector is on high alert as it has received a tip-off from its intelligence agencies that adversaries of the country might launch a physical or a digital cyber attack on the critical infrastructure of the working units of the region’s energy sector. In a statement officially pronounced yesterday by the Oil Ministry, Bijan […]

No Cyber Attack on Iran says Ministry

Iran has cleared the air that there has been no cyberattack on its digital assets operating in Oil Refineries as claimed by some sources from western media. According to a press statement released by the Government’s Cyber Security Office to Times of Israel, no successful cyberattack was witnessed on oil refineries and so disruption claims […]

US Cyber Attack foils Iran’s ability to attack Oil Tankers

A Cyber Attack launched on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) by US Intelligence in June this year is reported to have foiled the ability of Iran’s military to future attack Oil Tankers in the sea. Highly placed sources report that the cyber attack was launched on the same day when US President Donald Trump […]

Iran to protect its National Infrastructure from Offensive Cyber Attacks with Sepehr 110

Iran has finally responded to last week’s US cyber Attacks on its national infrastructure by devising a battlefield communications unit named Sepehr 110, a tactical hub which is designed to withstand electronic warfare compromises instigated by western countries- especially the United States. IRGC Commander Hussein Salami has approved this news and said that Sepehr 110 […]

Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability linked to Iranian Hacking Group APT33 and APT34

US Cyber Command has issued a warning via Twitter on Tuesday stating vulnerability in Microsoft’s Outlook application which could be exploited by Iranian Hacking Groups APT33 and APT34 to launch cyber attacks on government agencies. The security alert states that hackers can bypass the regular security protocol to execute arbitrary commands on Windows OS running […]

Automated US Power grids to be replaced by manual systems to limit Cyber Attacks

All these days we all were proud of automation and the bouquet of benefits it brings to mankind. But here’s a news piece which might brush up your minds with a new notion. The US Senate has decided to replace the automated power grid control systems with manual ones in order to limit repercussions raised […]

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